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Oh, to choose a pumpkin.

Well, it’s October, and see- I want to put out a pumpkin. But, as with many things, I have a pension for doing things differently. I like to decorate, and look classy, while still obeying cultural laws about pumpkins at Halloween, etc, etc.

Also, I have a 3 year old who hates anything scary. So I’m being very specific to make the whole Halloween thing (a horrid holiday for scary things keeping us parents of toddlers up late at night), trying to make the whole Halloween thing a lot less spooky.

So here are my options:
Option 1: an owl  made of sunflower seeds.

Click the image to be taken to the DIY tutorial on how to make your own owl pumpkin (Thanks, Shari @Turnstyle Vogue).


This pumpkin is, obviously, adorable and since it is made using sunflower seeds, it satisfies my often under-indulged love of detail. It is also an owl, which my son loves, and it is fitting for the season. This one is ranking high in the Halloween possibilities.







Option 2: The paper-maché

Coming in at a very close second is a pumpkin design from Simply Chic Treasures. Their version of the orange round ball, has us paper-maché the outside until you have a quite cute, elegant little decoration to work with.
There’s very little personality with this one, but it makes an excellent mantle piece. Given my need to satisfy the attention of a toddler, however, I think we’ll be going with the owl. I will definitely be keeping this one in mind for Christmas, or even Thanksgiving, as pumpkins are are so versatile, and besides–they are cheerful. 🙂

Simply Chic Treasures offer a DIY tutorial on these. Click the image to see their tutorial.


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