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Joining a vegetable and Fruit cooperative

So my mother and I are teaming up to join a vegetable and fruit cooperative. It’s basically where a group of people get together and order large quantities of organic fruits and vegetables at one time, splitting the cost among family based on your “portion”. It ends up being cost-wise, very comparable to what I consider “regular” non-organic fruit/veggie fare you’d get at the grocery store, and obviously the quality is much greater because it’s organic. I have never been in a fruit/vegetable cooperative before and my husband I decided to embark on this little journey after we watched a video for “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” That video is sick–literally. We are not doing the diet, in that we are not going to be juicing exclusively, but it will take up a large portion of our meals, snacks, etc, as we are striving to add a greater number of fruits/veg into our diet. We hope to eat so that our diet is primarily “good for you food” and only the “bad” stuff when it’s socially unavoidable (Like Great Aunt Lucy makes her fabulous homemmade banana pudding chock full of boxed vanilla pudding and insists you try some) Things like that. Other than Great Aunt Lucy incidents, however, we are going the coop route so that we have plenty of food on hand, and it’s all good food. Snack away, we say. 🙂

As you might have guessed, juicing requires a great deal of fruits and vegetables, which is another reason cooperatives come in handy because you can order by the case (now if only I can find my Smart Waters this way). The huge-ness of a case of strawberries, for example, is also why I’m going in with my mom, so that maybe my overzellous nature doesn’t engulf us in vegetables. Haha!

Since this is a vintage blog, though, I felt you guys might be interested in how the idea of a cooperative was started. I mean, originally people grew their own food, and today we shop in grocery stores, so where did this idea of a cooperative begin, and how has it evolved into what we know it as today? Here’s a great little article that shares the history behind cooperatives. Enjoy your bit of vintage vegetables! And let me know what you think. Have you guys joined a cooperative where you live? What do you think about it?


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