How it started.








Welcome to Vintage Today!

My name is Cassidy Cash. I’ve been trying to start my own business, and I never had much luck at deciding who I wanted to be. I could never get started because I felt there was this looming decision to be made in full, about my personhood–and answering “Who do I want to be?” It came down to that terrifying moment of having to answer that question at cocktail parties of “What do you do?” ummmmm……to say the least, it was very distressing.

Then, I saw this plackard one day (on Pinterest–I’m such a pinterest addict) Anyway, I saw this sign that said

“Don’t worry about who you want to be, decide what you want to do.”

It was enlightening for me, and freeing, because I sat down and decided the things I like to do. If I could get up the very next day and do what I love, I’d go antiquing, out to eat, and settle in by a warm fire with a nice glass of wine. I like old houses, old movies, history, and vacation tours that teach me about these things.
This list of things I love–my favorite things, if you will–still didn’t leave me with an answer for “What do you do?” as far as professions go, but they gave me a starting place. It gave me a chance to begin, to move forward and to indulge in some of the most fun I’ve had in a while. So with this blog I hope you’ll join me, as I’ve put together links and suggestions, along with my thoughts, on the vintage, antique, wine selections, and even a few historical tours, that I think are just awesome. Wherever I could find them, I’ve included links to the pages where you can purchase the items as well, so you can have all the fun of vintage life, without having to do the work of searching around to find it.

I hope you enjoy the vintage finds as much as I do, and please leave me a note about what you think. We’ll have fun vintage-ing together. Hey, I’ve already invented a new word. This new venture is destined for greatness.



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